own digital art & collectibles


You want to sell your digital art? With tokens of ownership, eco-friendly NFTs, you can sell pure art directly to your followers, without dealing with printers or warehouses. And it is as simple and safe as uploading images to social media.

You want to start kollekting art? Your kollektion will become not only an expression of your personality, but also make you a curator and supporter.

Sell digital art effortlessly

No setup cost. And no crypto required! Your followers can buy ownership tokens of your digital art with a bank account, debit or credit card, everywhere.

connect with your buyers

The people who buy your work are most likely your most loyal fans. Connect with them, get feedback and and let them know what you are up to.

keep a share in your work

With most artworks, only galleries and collectors profit when your art becomes expensive. With our digital art tokens, you can choose to keep 15% of all price growth.

Everything you can imagine is real.

artists want to sell digital assets.
instead they sell physicals products.

our tokens are the solution.

standard nft

NFTs require you to own crypto; they are not easily accessible.

Gas fees to create and sell NFTs are expensive.

UX for kreators and kollektors is not ready for the mass market.

NFTs have a huge climate cost and they are NOT secure. 

KNFT: token of ownership

Kreators sell tokens from their existing channels: instagram, twitter, artstation.

1-click purchase of unique digital artworks for every fan – without crypto.

Our service makes it simple  to kreate – and to kollekt art on your mobile.

Low cost, carbon-negative, secure, and legal tokens.

changing the future
of digital art.

for you.
and together with you.

Ownership for digital art is a disruptive tool. Join us in making it work for the good of artists and kollektors over investors.

If you are an artist, let us know you are interested. We’ll come back to you. Promise.

Are NFTs really that great for artists?
we are here to answer and support you.

NFTs are a hot topic among tech enthusiasts and digital artists alike.
With so many parallel discussions, it’s not easy to keep the relevant information for artists in view. 

We are here to support you as an artist, to understand how NFT’s can benefit your work. 

Artist Success team

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join us. and see what tokens for digital art can do for you.

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Do you also have plans for the future of digital art ownership? We would like to see how smart contracts can be used to help artists get a share of the profits. How great social platforms for art can become better by adding tokens of ownership.

And how we can build and strengthen the connections between artists and their followers. If you share our enthusiasm, or if you want to make a suggestion, let us know!