NFT Services

ownership for digital art. affordable and eco-friendly.​

NFTs are a game-changer for art – while any images can still be copied, NFTs clearly define ownership. Conventional NFTs are, however, costly both in environmental and monetary terms – the reason being they are built with the wrong technology.

We will create cheap NFTs with an exceptionally light CO2 footprint. Which makes it feasible to use them for art costing $10 instead of $10M.

original artists. verifiable link to real accounts.​

Before you can create Kollektor NFTs, we ask you for your real accounts on LinkedIn and/or Instagram. Any NFT you create will be inextricably linked to your accounts, so that whoever buys your art will know where it is coming from.  

This is the missing link – the signature of the artist that identifies the creator.

original artworks. verifiable trail of the creation process. (tbi)

We are building technology to link the NFT to the process of creating art. Once artists register their artworks, the steps to produce it are registered with the finished work, providing a trail that enables verification of authenticity.

Value is created by the artists’s process. Every expensive watch comes with a certificate of authenticity. Let’s bring the same sense of respect for workmanship to digital art.


Some answers to questions we are asked.

We are currently working on the technological basics for creating the first-ever scalable eco-nfts that are connected to the artwork’s history. Bear with us a little, we will let you know when we can share something new and exciting with you.

For Artists

If someone is interested in your artwork displayed in one of your social channels like Instagram or twitter , you can turn it into an NFT and sell it. The plus side of NFTs is that you, as the artist will always be credited as the original creator and if your buyer decides to re-sell your work, you can gain a percentage of the profits.

Non-Fungible Tokens; saves your name as artist and buyer in a blockchain

You can find a good explanation here:

Some blockchains are energy intensive, we use Algorand as a blockchain network which is carbon negative

Kreating Art

Why should I turn my art into an NFT?
It allows you to sell your art piece as a digital asset to your fans and followers.

You can use different services, some require technical knowledge, this is why we created an easy-to-use web interface, if you want to try it for the first time please get in touch with our artist success team.

No you can keep it if you want.