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Placing the enjoyment of art at the center: How to create enjoyable and performant NFTs is art-first.  

We believe that the art and its experience by the collector are the most important thing. This sets us apart from almost every other NFT project we have seen.  

Here are several ways in which is ensuring that the experience of the artwork stays in focus:  

More than a picture 

NFTs are often used synonymously with pictures, something that has not significantly changed over the last 6 years. We believe the potential of NFTs is much larger.  

While it is easy to store arbitrary data for anyone, we have already developed gallery capabilities to display movies and animations, AR models, music and sound, and text and PDF documents. 

Presentation matters 

Many NFT platforms are web-based applications where you can buy and sell an NFT. If you want to look at your collection, you need to login to the platform you bought it from. Most crypto wallets can show NFTs, but many just show the data, or at best a static image before an uninspiring background. 

We believe that presentation matters, and therefore we built an NFT gallery for your phone from scratch. As a native app, it fluently and elegantly provides the backdrop for your collection. 

An experience defined by meta-data  

Oftentimes, an artist has a conceptual idea of how an artwork should be displayed. We are currently the only NFT platform that allows fine-grained control of how an NFT is shown in the gallery, and we are working with artists to improve this constantly. 

Soulbound NFTs 

NFTs are usually seen as an investment opportunity: the motivation to buy them is mostly driven by the hope of selling them with a profit.  

We believe this is detrimental to the primary purpose of NFTs that we see in artists selling an artwork to their fans and giving the fans an opportunity to support their favorite artists. We therefore allow the creation of NFTs that can be sold only once, as a token of appreciation. 

Speeding up beyond IPFS 

The interplanetary file system (IPFS) protocol has many advantages, but it has a certain weakness when it comes to NFTs. As the data for each unique NFT is unique, it will not be spread across IPFS as it is accessed mostly by its owner. As a consequence, IPFS cannot function as a content-delivery network (CDN) here, and access timing will suffer. 

We are using caching and CDNs in order to speed up access to the NFTs so that no matter where you are, access will be as good as can be. 

The presentation of art is crucial, whatever form the art takes. That’s why provides a gallery function in along with the NFTs themselves, which the artist can customize. An appropriate presentation ensures that the artwork can be enjoyed and appreciated.  

Because art is not about speculation. It’s about experience.