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What’s the true value of an NFT?

We are focusing on ways for NFTs to increase their value over time that do not rely on being hosted on a specific platform, as resale revenue often does. 

Rather, the value increase will come from the interactions artists and creators build with their collectors – using the unique capabilities of NFT technology.  

Towards implementing shared revenue for Creators  

NFTs are only once sold by the artist. There is a multitude of ideas that artists can get a share of the revenue that collectors make when reselling NFTs.  

However, there is no existing standard that would prevent an NFT holder of selling the artwork without paying the artist a fee. Rather, the NFT holder must use the same platform to resell the NFT for the artist to receive anything. 

We are working with Algorand to implement revenue sharing as a platform functionality, thus enforcing it regardless of the platform used. 

NFTs that connect Artists with their Fans believes that in the future, a lasting value for artists will be created if they can use NFTs not only to sell, but also to connect with their fans. We will enable artists to interact directly with current and former NFT holders and allow them to build and strengthen their community. 

Real-world interaction and NFTs has been integrated in various ways with the real-world using QR codes and NFC tags. Real-world interaction can be connected to the creation and distribution of NFTs, as well as a prerequisite for purchasing NFTs. 

NFTs as keys to virtual services and the metaverse builds sustainable and scalable NFTs.  

We are building an API and a client library for the API to allow any service partner to check for ownership of an NFT, and thus enable their use in virtual services and the metaverse. 


To summarize, NFTs can grow in value in different ways, depending on their implementation. We are building with all these organic ways of growth in mind, including revenue sharing, community-building, and interactivity spread through the real world and the metaverse.